Fiona Haines works as an artist in Bath, and is currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art. Born in Ireland and educated in England, Fiona graduated in 2010 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors from Bath School of Art & Design. A love of architecture, landscape and colour fused with a previous nursing career provide a catalyst for her artwork using highly engineered materials. This is Fiona’s second collaboration at Chelsea, having worked with garden designer Julie Toll in 2010.



Flow explores the creation of vistas and depths of vision through mixed media and fabric manipulation, offering different perspectives of the suspended pieces. When commencing a piece of work, Fiona researches ideas around selected materials, often collected over many years as they inspire her through their colour, texture and their inherent creative potential. In Flow, orange millinery fabric is manipulated to resemble the bulbous shape and fluidity of seaweed – like droplets of water flowing down blades of colour – combined with glass and acrylic, all of which will withstand the British summer. The inclusion of lenses within this work creates movement of object and refraction of light like the sacs within seaweed; the lenses – hidden yet visible – swell within an outer sheath of transparent colour, allowing light to play across their surfaces as they spin. The repetitive process in which the work is created speaks of an almost meditative state of moving from one point to another, traveling around the lens, familiarising and de-familiarising within a given space.



Flow was made using traditional textile techniques that use the repetitive, hypnotic rhythm of the stitch and fabric manipulation providing a harmonious chord linking tradition and innovation. In this way, the slow gradual building of thread, winding around the form, becomes an unconscious extension of the maker’s hand. Flow was first created for Art in the Garden at the Rococo Gardens, Painswick. Fiona is inspired by creating installations for specific spaces, and for this work Fiona has collaborated with Paul Hervey-Brookes, whose creativity she finds joyous and refreshing.

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